Facial Aesthetics in our Northwood Practice

From a natural look to a glamorous makeover!

At L&Y Dental we would like to help you feel confident with yourself and that sometimes goes beyond your smile.

We treat wrinkles (crow’s feet, foreheads, frown lines and lines between the brows) with injectable botulinum toxin and also, we can create or recover volumes in your face with derma fillers.

You will have a consultation with our Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner, who is a dentist with special training and experience on these treatments.

Botulinum toxin

The best anti-wrinkle treatment. It will relax your muscles and make your wrinkles softer.

It can also lift your eyebrows. Pain is usually minimal as the needles used for botox are very small.

Derma Fillers

Creating volume

As we age our skin starts to lose volume, specially, on lips and cheekbones. With dermafillers (made of hyaluronic acid) we can recover or increase the volume on those areas to refresh the look on your face, avoiding the need for plastic surgery.

Also, we can harmonise your face creating more volume on your chin, jawlines, under eye hollows, lips and also a non-surgical nose enhancement.

How does it work?

Consultation: It is very important that we understand your expectations and suitability and discuss all the process.

Treatment: once you are happy to go ahead, we will provide you with all the pre and post treatment care. We will take your initial photos, do the treatment (from 30 min to 1 hour) and do the final photographs.

Review: if needed in some cases we will do a review of the treatment to see evolution of it.

Fillers: Before and After

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