Invisalign® Open Day




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Invisalign® Open Day


How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a great alternative to unsightly traditional train-track metal braces. It is an innovative system that uses a series of clear aligners which are custom-made from Invisalign’s patented SmartTrack material, to carefully align your teeth. By wearing these removable aligners for 22 hours a day, you see your teeth gradually and gently move into the desired position. Using our advanced 3D iTero scanner we can generate a bespoke treatment plan, allowing you to visualise your end result right down to the last millimetre and preview your new smile before starting treatment.

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How long does Invisalign take?

Your treatment time will be determined by your Invisalign provider, based on your specific needs and complexity of the case. Each aligner is worn for 1 to 2 weeks before moving onto the next in the sequence of aligners. Appointments are scheduled typically every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure treatment is progressing as expected and for you to receive your next set of Invisalign aligners.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

  • Virtually invisible – so discreet most people won’t even notice
  • Removable – you can take the aligners out to eat and clean your teeth
  • No metal brackets or wires – less time required for orthodontic adjustments or breakages
  • Comfortable – smooth and well-fitting aligners

About Us

L&Y Dental practices are fully private dental practices owned by Dr Yasmin Anaboussi and Lakshmi Rao.

It appears that, now-a-days, there seem to be only two kinds of private dental practices:

  1. A small practice with only one or two dentists, where they only offer limited treatments under one roof and
  2. The ‘commercially focussed’ practices, where patients are not the first and main priority.

This is where L&Y can make a difference; our dream of developing a dental care centre where patients are number one priority.

We provide all kinds of dental services maintaining the community ethos and providing the facilities of various payment options for patients so they can afford high quality dental treatments.

See How Your Teeth Will Move!

The Invisalign® Clincheck will help you visualise how your teeth will move over time

Google Reviews

Chloé Watts
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Although words cannot describe the experience I've had here, I shall do my best. Yasmin and Lakshmi are running a fantastic dental practice. Let's face it, no one enjoys going to the dentist however the L&Y Dental team have always made me feel welcome and calm regardless of my treatment. They care so much about their patients and it really shows. I received Invisalign treatment with them and the whole process was seamless. I am thrilled with my smile and the results. Thank you Yasmin for changing my attitude about going to see the Dentist. You're the best!
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From the moment I stepped in right through to being seen by the consultant I was treated with professional care. Thanks to Alma, the reception was warm and welcoming and the assistants also lovely. The care plan by Guillermo was thorough and the cost is very fair. For their time and expertise I think it is fair and affordable. I would definitely recommend. I went to the Bank branch but I am confident they would have these standards at the Northwood branch as well
Armanda Hoxha
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My daughter has been treated at L&Y dental practice. Everyone is so lovely, welcoming and approachable. Jasmine always made sure that my daughter was very happy with the treatment and always explained things clearly. Thank you so much! Highly recommend L&Y Dental
Adriana Turcin
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I had a fantastic experience. At L&Y dental practice the stuff is friendly, kind and helpful starting from dentist and going through all nurses and reception. They explain and show you all the process in detail and help you understand it and make you fell comfortable and calm. The surgery is very clean and smells so fresh. I definitely recommend it. Thank you to all the team.

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See Invisalign® Before & After Results

Here's how your new smile could look after Invisalign® if you join the 1000's of patients who transformed their smiles with Invisalign Braces


Vincent had crowded upper teeth that narrowed his smile and an open bite


Mikala's biggest problem was her central tooth that stuck out


Kirsty's teeth were overcrowded with overlapping central teeth

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