Dental Fees at Northwood

Treatment Price
Examination (including X-rays) £65.00
Child’s First New Patient Examination – parents that are existing patients (for younger patients under 12) FREE OF CHARGE
Routine Exam (existing patient) £50.00
Routine exam & 30 min hygiene appointment (existing patients and in separate appointments) £110.00
Child Examination (Under 12) £25.00
Teen Examination (12 to 17) £40.00
Emergency app for non existing patients including temporary filling/prescription £85.00
Treatment Price
Intra-Oral Radiographs (Per radiograph) – kept in surgery for existing patients £0.00
Intra-Oral Radiographs (Per radiograph) – For a copy £12.00
OPG kept in surgery for existing patients £0.00
OPG For a copy £70.00
CBCT £150.00
Treatment Price
30min Scale and Polish £70.00
45min Deep Scale and Polish £85.00
Root scaling per quadrant under local anaesthesia £165.00
Direct Access Hygienist £85.00
Airflow Stain Removal £20.00
Treatment Price
Mobile tooth extraction £110
Surgical Extraction From £260
Wisdom Tooth Surgical Extraction From £450
Treatment Price
Periodontal consultation £150.00
Periodontogram £85.00
Gingivectomy (per tooth) £170.00
Crown lengthening (per tooth) £220.00
Treatment Price
Small Composite Filling Composite (white) fillings from £135
Temporary Filling £60
Treatment Price
Endodontic Assessment £100 (£50 Deducted from treatment cost if treatment carried out)
Pulp Extirpation (1st stage RCT) as emergency £150.00
Root Canal Treatment – Incisor £600.00
Root Canal Treatment – Premolar £650.00
Root Canal Treatment – Molars £700.00
Re Root treatments incur an additional £200 added to the prices above tooth dependent.
Treatment Price
Full acrylic denture per arch £900.00
Partial Denture per arch acrylic 4-9 teeth £800.00
Partial Denture per arch acrylic 1-3 teeth £600.00
Flexi denture per arch £1250.00
Chrome denture per arch £1450.00
Temporary Denture From £400.00
Treatment Price
Premium Advance Home Whitening Kit £450.00
Surgery Philips Zoom! Whitening combined with home kit £550.00
Enlighten Whitening (B1 shade guarantee) £600.00
Treatment Price
Single Implant Starting from £1,450.00
Treatment Price
Porcelain Bonded Crown From £710
Zirconia Crown From £850
Emax Crown £800
Composite Labmade Inlay £550
Porcelain Inlay £650
Temporary crown Surgery made Temporary crowns £120
Temporary crown lab made £150
Porcelain Veneer From £650
Invisalign® Smile Assessment (including iTero 3D scan, outcome visualisation & Digital Treatment Plan)£295 (current offer Free of Charge)
Invisalign® Express (including removable retainers Home Kit Whitening)£3100.00
Invisalign® Lite (including removable retainers Home Kit Whitening)£3750.00
Invisalign® Moderate (including removable retainers Home Kit Whitening)£4150.00
Invisalign® FULL (including 5 years guarantee, removable retainers and Home Kit Whitening)£4600.00
Fixed retainer per arch£150.00
Removable retainer per arch (essix)£187.50
Bruxism Mitchigan splint£650.00
Gumshield – Nightguard (soft/hard)£270.00
Treatment Price
Aesthetic Consultation £50 deducted from treatment cost if treatment carried out
Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Botox, Bocouture, Azzalure)
1 area £200.00
2 areas £260.00
3 areas £370.00
Masseter Sliming £370.00
Sweating Treatment £450.00
Derma Fillers
1 ML Lip Filler £300.00
Jaw/Cheeks/Chin 1ML £300.00
Jaw/Cheeks/Chin 2ml £550.00
Jaw/Cheeks/Chin 3ml £780.00
Jaw/Cheeks/Chin 4ml £1000.00
Nose £400.00
Profile Balancing Package (Lip, nose, chin) £900.00
Filler dissolving (Per session) £250.00
Treatment Price
Composite Edge Bonding (per tooth) £250
Composite Veneer (per tooth) £350
Study Model Wax up per arch £220
Composite Bonding Offers
Composite Bonding 8 teeth including home whitening kit £1500
Composite Bonding 16 teeth including home whitening kit £2999
Composite Bonding Maintenance Packages
1 Arch Polish £250
2 Arch Polish £350
Whitening gels included – 1 Arch £350
Whitening gels included – 2 Arch £400


Opening Times

Mon: 9am–6pm
Tue: 10am–7pm
Wed: 9am–6pm
Thu: 9am–6pm
Fri: 9am–5pm
Sat: 8.30am–4.30pm
Sun: Closed


Opening Times

Mon: 9am–6pm
Tue: 10am–7pm
Wed: 9am–6pm
Thu: 10am–7pm
Fri: 9am–6pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed
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